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About Us

Scandibunz are Susanne and Bobby.  Both grew up in kitchens; Bobby in his parents’ restaurant and Susanne at her mother’s workplace.

Growing up in a busy restaurant, Bobby trained in Art before he heard the calling of the kitchen and returned to the pots and pans.  After years doing fine dining in London as well as in New Zealand (and a few cafes thrown in for good measure and family life) Bobby decided to commit to baking and spreading the aroma of cinnamon throughout New Zealand.

From the age of 6, Susanne would experiment with baking in her parents’ kitchen and would often ask them why the end result (such as green sugarless sponge cakes and pan-fried breads) turned out different from what she intended. Years running around the kitchen at her mother’s work and watching her grandmothers by their pots and pans eventually turned into a career cooking, and after a few years on the side (in retail) she decided the kitchen is where she belongs.

Sweet wheat buns have a long tradition in Sweden, where they’ve been considered treats since the 16th century.  This has now turned into the national pastime fika where you meet up for a chat, cuppa and nibble. At the heart of fika you find the cinnamon roll – kanelbulle.

The buns we are offering you are based on Susanne’s mother’s and grandmothers’ recipes with a healthy dose of New Zealand produce thrown in.

A few kiwi twist have been added with our different flavoured buns, but the cinnamon rolls are very traditional.  To ensure they taste just like they do in Sweden we even import some ingredients – such as the kibbled sugar topping.