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Traditional Scandinavian Baked Goods

What are Scandibunz?

Scandibunz are Susanne and Bobby. We are located on Auckland’s North Shore, having experienced life in a few different locations since arriving in New Zealand 2011.


Swedish Tradition of FIKA

We have our roots in the Swedish tradition of FIKA: to meet up for a cuppa and have an interaction punctuated by eating treats – traditionally 7 types of baked goods were served; but nowadays most people are satisfied with a cinnamon roll or two.

We herald this tradition and provide a handmade, artisan product that goes great with your coffee or tea. Growing up in Sweden the ultimate treat was a warm cinnamon roll and a glass of cold milk.

Grandmother’s Recipe with a Kiwi Twist

Susanne has taken her grandmother’s cinnamon roll recipe and tweaked it to the kiwi market; utilising the lovely dairy products New Zealand has to offer and making the bun high and fluffy rather than flat and wide.

Keeping with this tradition we have also extended our product range to encompass a few new treats, still maintaining the Scandi heart and soul of who we are.

scandibunz traditional Scandinavian baked foods

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